Waters champions doing business in Welsh

Swansea-based creative agency Waters is on a mission to impress on Welsh companies the importance of using the Welsh language in business, not only to broaden the bottom line, but also to improve their customer relations.

In 2014, the Welsh government released figures revealing just under a third of all private sector employers felt that the Welsh language skills of their workforce had benefit to their business.

And Waters really took the message to heart. Having a high number of clients who either offer services in Welsh, or who speak it internally and externally, Waters decided to stress this as a unique selling point.

“We pride ourselves on our staff being able to communicate and design work in both English and Welsh – as well as the majority of our staff being Welsh university graduates,” said Waters’ co-director Rhian East.

Bangor University recently launched a BA degree course to encourage students to support the Welsh language and bring a bilingual skillset to the workplace.

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