Gal pal team in fitness fundraiser

When Debbie Jones’ brother-in-law, Mathew Rimmer, was taken seriously ill, she decided the best way to fight back was to get fighting fit. She enlisted a group of gym pals from Cheadle and took on the Les Mills Live event in Manchester – six classes of gruelling exercise in a single day.

Debbie and her friends began the day with a taxing 45 minutes of Body Pump, which they followed up with GRIT Cardio. “It’s a 30 minute, full-on High Intensity Interval Training class full of burpees, jumping squats, press ups, shuttle runs etc,” explained Debbie. “I’m not sure how we managed to pull ourselves together after that but we did and followed it with Body Attack, Body Jam, Body Combat and Sh’Bam.”

All the sponsorship money is destined to help Mat on the road back to health. In 2015 he suffered a brain haemorrhage as well as an infected abscess caused by a piece of a heart infection he carried breaking off and going to his brain. A two-week coma and further infections followed and complicated his recovery, which is ongoing.

Paralysed on his right side and having his speech affected, Mat faces a life with disability. So Debbie and her sister Jan started looking into specialist therapies that could aid Mat, which come at quite a cost.

So all Debbie’s sweat and tears were well worth it as she and the girls raised just over £4,800 to put towards Mat’s recovery.

Debbie’s JustGiving page is still open and can be found here.

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Debbie (third from right) with pals (l-r) Marie, Claire, Michells, Yasmine and Caren.
Debbie (third from right) with pals (l-r) Marie, Claire, Michells, Yasmine and Caren.