Best Badges celebrates 15th birthday

Most 15th birthday parties mark a coming of age and a look forward to the life ahead. This was certainly true of Best Badges in September as they looked back on a decade and a half of achievement and growth. And, of course, there was cake.

Founded in 2001 by bassist Andrew Culture and singer Stuart Tyldesley, Best Badges Ltd was originally focused on the music industry after Andrew and Stuart’s experiences trying to buy promotional items for their band. Their scope, however, soon grew along with the company.

One thing that has remained constant is the company’s commitment to supplying badges without a minimum order quantity. In addition, customers can submit artwork in any format and all the artwork help needed is provided by Best Badges for free.

“Everyone who works here at Best Badges is enormously proud of not only the exceptional growth we have achieved, but also the large number of long-term friendships we have formed with our customers,” said customer relationship manager, Richard Maydell. “We build long term relationships with our distributor and customer base.”

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